Library flooring installations can be particularly difficult due to the thousands of pounds of books and shelving throughout the building.  At Thielen Brothers we make the process simple.

Our custom-built shelving jig simplifies the process of moving books and shelves saving you time and money. Imagine:

  • No emptying shelves
  • No moving books
  • Less damage from over-handling
  • No temporary book storage
  • No replacing books back on the shelves (in the proper order)

Library_Shelves_DSCN3692 Shelves_ready_to_Jack_DSCN3690 Shelf_Jig_DSCN3678 Jacking_up_Shelves_DSCN3688 Shelves_Jacked_up_DSCN3706 One_down_more_to_go_DSCN3709 One_inch_clearance_DSCN3694 Jig_In_Place_DSCN3680 Pushing_SHelves_DSCN3699

Our shelving jig makes quick work of your library flooring project.