Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring is one of the most popular options in floor (and wall) coverings because of the many styles, colors and patterns to satisfy almost any taste. Along with its natural beauty, there are a number of reasons why a tile floor is both practical and popular.

tile_DSCN3226 Gray_Tile_Bathroom tile_DSCN3268 Public_Sing_Area tileDSCN3217 conference_Room tile_DSCN3218 Green_Kitchen tile_DSCN3213

Be Creative:  Tile flooring can bring out your creative side once you’ve picked your colors and patterns, you can work with our installers/owners to create a pattern and layout that is unique to your home. Tile flooring can be installed on virtually any level surface.  In many cases, we can level your floors for a smooth installation.

Easy Maintenance:  Durable tile flooring easy to clean and to keep clean.  Brooms, Swiffers and hard-surface attachments on your vacuum cleaner can easily clean your tile floor. Occasionally a mop with a gentle cleaning solution may be required for more serious jobs.

Durability:  Properly installed tile flooring will provide years of beauty and rugged functionality in your kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and almost anywhere where durability is important.

Wall Covering: Many bathrooms are integrating more wall tile because of its durability and easy clean-up compared to other materials.  Ask about custom tiled showers, back splashes and other creative options for natural stone and tile as wall covering.